Modeled after an innovative recycling program that has demonstrated success in the industry for over 25 years, Starbox embarked on a journey in 1999 to support the manufacturing industry’s Lean practices in recycling and shipping. Our methods for reducing a company’s wastes and enhancing recycling programs not only increases the likelihood of ISO 14001:2004 certifications, but in many cases eliminates expenses and adds to a company’s bottom line.

For our used corrugated services, Starbox strives to maintain its leadership in recycling process management by maintaining strong Canadian and International industry connections for buying and selling used corrugated cartons. The millions of boxes that we acquire annually allows us to offer our clients one of the largest assortment of used corrugated cartons available today, and our clients are secure with the knowledge that all aspects of the procurement and distribution are handled with the highest environmental standards.

Instead of companies crushing, compacting or discarding corrugated boxes and sheets, we offer these suppliers a substantially higher industry price for the reusable materials. For our buyers, this then translates into a savings of over 33% on packaging materials. An environmentally conscious and cost effective choice for all parties.